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A contempt action is filed when one party has allegedly not followed the agreements in either a divorce or custody action. Perhaps your ex-spouse is refusing to allow you your scheduled visitation with your child or children. Or your spouse has still not refinanced a residence in his or her name, despite being required to do so months ago. Or even still, you have not been receiving your required maintenance and/or child support payments for months.

In Kentucky, a finding of contempt requires a hearing to be held where a Judge decides if a party has willfully violated the agreement or court order of the parties. A person facing contempt may be compelled to fulfill the agreement or court order, may be ordered to reimburse the other party attorney’s fees spent to bring the contempt action, and in severe cases, jail time. In essence, contempt is your way to make sure that the other party is not willfully ignoring what was previously agreed upon or court ordered.

At Craddock Law, PLLC, the firm has represented both clients bringing contempt actions, as well as clients who allegedly are in contempt of court. If you are either considering a contempt action, or have been served with paperwork that the other party wants you to be held in contempt of court, it is important that you are prepared and ready for the contempt hearing.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss the options available to you. We are happy to offer telephone and evening consults. Contempt proceedings can have serious results which are based on the Judge’s decision following a hearing- from fines, payment of attorney’s fees for the other party, to even jail time- and therefore it is imperative you have an attorney in your corner to protect you for your hearing date.

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