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Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs) and Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) are a process where someone seeks an order of protection to keep another person away from him or her. When a person seeks an EPO, the court will do one of three things: 1) deny the EPO Petition, 2) deny the EPO Petition but issue a summons for a domestic violence hearing to be held, or 3) grant the EPO Petition and set a domestic violence hearing date. In the vast majority of cases in Kentucky, a domestic violence hearing date will be issued.

Typically, the time between a request for an EPO and a hearing date has a quick turnaround; typically two weeks or less. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that an attorney be consulted as soon as possible to prepare for the hearing. If you sought an EPO and a hearing date has been given, you should seek an attorney to represent you right away. Most people seeking an EPO believe that he or she will have an attorney appointed to them for the hearing, but this is simply not the case.

Additionally, if you have been accused of committing domestic violence, you will also not have an attorney appointed to represent you, and therefore it is imperative you seek an attorney. For many employers, a DVO can be grounds for suspension or termination of employment, as well as something that will show up in future job searches. Additionally, a domestic violence order can and likely will have an adverse impact on any divorce or custody proceeding.

Seeking a domestic violence order for the protection of yourself and/or your children is exceptionally important and can provide you needed legal protection from someone who has caused you harm. Additionally, defending against a domestic violence protection is critical because of the repercussions a finding of domestic violence can have on you, your employment, and your contact in the future with your children.

Contact us today to begin to prepare for your domestic violence hearing. At Craddock Law, PLLC, the firm realizes the turn around time for a domestic violence hearing is very quick, and evidence and witnesses need to be secured in advance of your hearing date. Therefore, Craddock Law, PLLC offers same day consults to all clients who have a domestic violence hearing scheduled.

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