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An uncontested divorce is where only one party in a divorce has an attorney. Ideally, at the outset of a divorce, most parties will try to have an uncontested divorce entered to avoid increased legal fees and the usually lengthy divorce process. At Craddock Law, PLLC, we offer a streamlined process to ensure our clients are receiving an efficient and time-sensitive divorce, while still being offered a thorough overview of the laws in Kentucky, and an individualized approach to each case.

At Craddock Law, PLLC, we offer a competitive and comprehensive flat-fee rate for uncontested divorces at a rate of only $1,000.00, exclusive of the costs and expenses of filing the divorce paperwork with the courts.

The flat-fee rate for an uncontested divorce includes the following:
1. Consultation to discuss how you would like each issue in your case resolved;
2. Drafting of your Petition for Divorce, which initiates the divorce process;
3. Drafting plus one revision of your Marital Settlement Agreement;
4. Follow-up meeting to review the Petition and Marital Settlement Agreement;
5. Review of financial disclosure form and attachments;
6. Drafting of required waivers for the other party to review and sign;
7. Drafting a motion for entry of decree, as well as proof interrogatories and a drafted divorce decree; and
8. Filing and motioning the court for entry of your divorce.

Please note that, in the event the other party does not accept an uncontested divorce offer, then the client shall thereafter be charged regular hourly rates for a contested divorce.

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